For the love of my goth goddess, K…..

I like the dark, mysterious, maybe even gothic type girls. They have to have a good personality too! I’m very picky! –Shia LaBeouf

A few months ago I got the opportunity to be promoted to the grooming salon at the pet store that I work at. I immediately fell in love with the lovely goth goddess that I work with on Wednesdays and Thursday nights. K was everything I wanted to be when I was young. Funny, sunny, loud, tattooed, beautiful, and her own woman. Oh and she looks like Betty Page when she has black hair, and just like Lucille Ball when her hair is red. She has the mouth of a trucker, which I totally love, because I do too. She screams MEH at the top of her lungs and makes dirty sounds while humping the air. I find this absolutely hysterical as does everyone else that we work with. We keep asking if she does this to her boyfriend, but she just smiles coyly and keeps acting goofy….. I’ve started making these loud, obnoxious groaning sounds when I’m pissed off at home much to my husband’s chagrin. And I know it’s all because of K!

If she sees a Corgi in the store she has a mini love meltdown. It is a must for her to stop whatever it is she is doing and shower it with love and kisses. She has one herself that she treats as if it is a furry child. There’s been plenty of times we’ve had her Corgi in the salon with us. It’s so much fun to watch Bean dance around us and bark her fool head off while we dance with her. Bean’s whole butt wags, probably because she has a nubbin for a tail. Giggle.

K is the gentlest soul when it comes to grooming. She loves on a puppy dog and treats it like it’s her own. But don’t let the doggie start acting like a dork, cuz she’ll alpha out on it. The dog knows she means business and they usually straighten right up. She’s such a perfectionist when doing cutting. If something is not right she’ll keep working at it till it’s perfect. I’ve seen her finish with a dog, put it back in the little kennel and then 10 minutes later put the dog back on the table to “fix” it. I have to tell her all the time that the doggie looked perfect, stop being so damn picky. But she’s an only child, so she wants what she wants and don’t tell her any different. I mean that last sentence in the most loving way. She is a little snot butt, but hey that’s what makes her so wonderful.

She and I have shared many things. We’ve talked about life, love, friends, futures, pasts. Nothing has been off limits. She’s made me laugh and she’s made me cry. I love her like she’s my own. She told me last night she knows that if I was as young as her we’d hang out. I said of course we would, we’d be best friends, and we’d wear lots of purple pin up clothes and animal prints. We really would…. She’s leaving me in a few weeks because she got promoted. While I’m proud of her, I’m also sad. I feel like I’m losing out on my youth by losing my best girl. I know she will do great things. I know that she will find her way. And when she does, I know that part of me will find my way too. I love you K. I really, really do……

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