What We Believe About Food

What we believe about food and eating is an exquisite reflection of all of our beliefs. As soon as the food comes out, the feelings come out. As soon as the feelings come out, there is an inevitable recognition of the self-inflicted violence and suffering that fuel any obsession. And on the heels of that recognition comes the willingness to engage with and unwind the suffering rather than be its prisoner.

Got this quote from a dear friend who is going through her own weight loss journey. It’s profound and oh so true….. I’m not sure who said it but it just clinches all of my thoughts on my love/hate relationship with food. I wish I could not like food so much. Or not be addicted to it so much. For most addicts once you stop the addictive behavior you can get away from it and stay away from it. With work and support of course. But HOW do you stay away from food? You can’t. It is a necessity to living. I have two more weeks till I start stabilization on the Medical Weight Loss program that I have been on for the last 52 weeks. I’m scared that all my work will be for naught. That I won’t be able to keep up this momentum. I’ve failed before. And I don’t want to fail again. I finally love my body, love my mind, love my life… I can do anything, but fear of failure scares me so…..

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