I’m a Christian that can’t stand the idea of organized religion. Why is that?

    • “Then he saith to Thomas: Put in thy finger hither, and see my hands; and bring hither thy hand, and put it into my side; and be not faithless, but believing. Thomas answered, and said to him: My Lord, and my God. Jesus saith to him: Because thou hast seen me, Thomas, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen and have believed.”—John 20:27-29

Quite simply because it involves dealing with humans and not the concept of Christianity itself. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I know that he is my Lord and Savior. That he has been with me through the good and most difficult times in my life. I pray when days are good and I pray when my will has been shattered. I have tried my damnedest to teach my children that their religion is up to them. But I ultimately hoped they would decide to be Christians too. My daughter did choose Christ, my son still has a wait and see or Agnostic attitude. He knows there’s something more, but he’s just not sure what it is. I’ve told him many times that’s what faith is. You don’t have to see, hear, smell, touch or taste it to know it’s there. That it will keep you safe….

I am a realist though, too. I know, I know, walking contradiction, right? But I do believe that bad things happen to good people. My dear husband has lost both parents to cancer so he is at times still angry at God for taking them from him. There’s nothing like watching your parent waste away to nothing from a disease and wondering why it had to happen. I can understand his anger, but I also wish he would just let go and know that they aren’t suffering anymore. They are in Heaven with the ones that went before them. However, DSH wants his parents here with him, sharing in all the good and bad in our lives. He shouldn’t have become an orphan at the age 48. It isn’t fair……

I told a dear friend today that God is always with us, but the Devil is there too. Even when something unspeakable is happening to us. Done by another human, God is still there. It is the free will of others that can hurt us, damage us, destroy us. That is when we have to have the most faith in God. To let go and let God, as it were. I’m not saying prayer is the only way to save yourself. It isn’t. We have to give ourselves over to more than just God. We have to realize that we are good people, that we deserve good lives, that we need extra help and the strength of others to fix us. God gave those people that help us, the knowledge. Just like God gave the scientist that believes in evolution that knowledge. Even if that scientist doesn’t believe in a higher power. They still got their knowledge from God.

My husband just said something profound, maybe we don’t lose our faith, it just goes on hiatus. We sometimes wait until we need it to acknowledge God again. But the fact remains that we always have it, even when it gets lost….. I do not know all of the scriptures, I don’t know every book in The Bible, and I probably can’t recite too much. But I know that I can find comfort in the words and teachings of Jesus. That He ultimately is by my side and in my heart.

It makes me sad when my son or a friend tells me they don’t believe in God or Heaven or Hell. It makes me sad because I know that if I get the chance to go to Heaven when I die, that they won’t be with me for Eternity. If I get the chance to be there I want them to be there too. To live with no more pain, and suffering and to feel the healing touch of God. I want that for everyone that I love…..

I will never believe that God has a scorecard. He doesn’t care if we go to church. He cares that we believe, that we live our lives by his guidebook, The Bible. That we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And that we find strength in both Him and his Father…. And He cares that we teach our children that faith, hope and love are the three most important things to live by. Amen.

12 thoughts on “I’m a Christian that can’t stand the idea of organized religion. Why is that?

    • Thank you so much for your positive comment. Some people don’t really believe how I believe. I’m not saying everything I believe is right. But I will always, always believe that God is Love….

  1. This has really struck a chord with me. My parents were determined not to bring us up with one particular religion, as my mother particularly had been very damaged by the philosophy and direct impact and actions of her Roman Catholic upbringing. I think it’s wonderful that you gave your children the freedom and tools to come to their own understanding of faith and what it means to them. I believe they are better people for having that trust invested in them.

    I am deeply grateful that my parents did so for me, because it made it possible for me learn about many faiths, cultures and customs without feeling that my own identity or beliefs were threatened or questioned. I felt enriched by the freedom to be unassociated, and empowered by the ability to choose for myself. As an adult, I see now that a belonging to a community of faith helps bring out the best in people, no matter what the creed or dogma…unless it is twisted into something ugly to fit a narrow agenda. I don’t feel called to share my spirituality – whatever it is – with anyone other than myself and the great “what-if,” but I do see why some people find comfort and meaning in doing so for themselves.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Jen. I had White Male Dominant Christianity shoved down my throat when I was a kid and it just turned me off to organized religion completely. I was raised by women and was brought up to believe in a fair, good, loving and tolerant God. My mother saw to that. I wanted to give that to my children. My mother was mortified though when I didn’t get them baptized as babies. Roger Darling and I decided that it was ultimately up to them to decide what their path would be. We taught good morals, and Christian beliefs. We also taught them to love everyone just as Jesus did. But we had to let them decide. Honey you know me, I’m more of a Sharon Osborne kind of mother, but I do have very strong faith. I know that my children will find their way. Just as you and I have…..

    • You are such an incredible person. Your example of strength has given me the push I need to start my own Tumblr blog…having people read what I write has always been a trigger for negative feelings, but it’s time to grow beyond that self-imposed limitation. Thank you, my friend – I feel blessed to have you in my life! 🙂 ❤

      • Oh Jen you humble me. I’m just a girl that changed her life and decided I had more to offer this world than just two great children. I know, I know I talk about them far too much, but you have no idea how in awe I am of them. They are smart, bold, fierce, funny, talented, etc. I just never thought that I was anything special until they came along….. Now that they’re grown I know that I have more to do. Writing is something I’ve thought about in the past but never pursued. I was scared, but no more. Now it’s my time, as it is yours…. Write my Dear Jen, find your passion for it. Hell I’ll even get a Tumblr account so I can follow you. I know that I am blessed to have you and Trac in my life. We need to get together soon….

  3. I am a Christian, 40 years trying to be good, to walk by faith, to attend church, to do good. 40 years of frustration, of trying, trying trying. I am totally burned out. I believe in God, I believe Jesus died for my sins and is the only way of salvation. But, I just cannot bring myself to listen to anymore preaching. I haven’t even read my Bible for several months and very little prayer. My only prayer is “God help me to come back to you”. Iknow am I am totally forgiven and accepted by God. I know it is not performance and I am comfortable with that. I have not lost my faith I just cannot be involved it it. I am waiting for God to call me back, but I think when He does it will be to a different walk and not one of trying so hard to be what I cannot be. It will probably be to a walk of just trust and rest. Not one of guilt, condemnation and trying to be good. Just listening to a sermon these days turns my stomach and causes high anxiety. I was afraid I wasn’t even a Christian. I am, but the pressure got to me and I have totally given up on performance. I believe the Lord will come and comfort me in His time.
    I actually volunteer in a Christian ministry doing what I love, designing and painting wood art of all kinds for Christian Camps, childrens homes and other places. But, I cannot get involved in the “forms” of Christianity right now. I am actually more at peace now that I have been for many years.

    • I guess with the belief that Jesus didn’t preach and didn’t witness in a church. He stood outside. He stood on rocks, on mountains and testified. I don’t believe that we have sit in a building to believe in God. To know the way. Just by being Christian, and living a good life. Praying for forgiveness. Loving our fellow humans. That should count for something. I’m glad you got out. God did give us free will. You STILL believe that’s important. That gets you through. You are being a Christina. The Lord is proud of you. Do you pray? I pray, every day. I have the dirtiest mouth , the dirtiest mind. But I know at the end of the day when I lay my head down to rst. That the Lord is there. To watch over me. love me and protect me. I know it.

  4. I’m a Christian. I do read my Bible and pray – most days. I know my sins are forgiven (constantly being forgiven) and that Jesus is my Saviour and Lord but I have to confess, I haven’t been to church in…well, it would have to be almost a year. I do go most weeks to a small home group gathering where the leader sends us txt message early in the morning with a question for us to think about during the day. I’m more comfortable with the small group setting than a big church setting. It’s…I…I dunno. There’s a freedom to be you. There’s a freedom to share and to laugh and to cry and know that no one is going to judge you. I love it!
    He shouldn’t have become an orphan at the age 48. It isn’t fair I know what you mean. I became a “half” orphan at the age of 14 when my Daddy died, and a “full” orphan at the age of 35 when my mother died.

    • Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you agreed. I haven’t been to church in years, but my faith is strong. It is not fair that my Roger is an orphan. It’s not fair that my kids don’t have their grandparents either. But we muddle through the best we can. We live good lives and make them proud. Even thought they’re not with us on this earth anymore.

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