Just shut the f#$k up and be nice

I just have to rant for a second. Why can’t one of the people that I work with just shut the f@$k up and be nice? I would say the F word many, many times right now but I’ve given it up for Lent and I’m trying so hard to be good! I just don’t get it. We had a professor come to us with a special favor, and the first thing the employee says to me is they hope I will say no. WHY? Because the request has never been made before? Because it might take 20 minutes out of my day? Who gives a rat’s ass, really? Shut up and be nice. Do nice, good and kind things and the same will be done to you. Be a bitch and the world will shit all over you. Hell you may be nice and the world could still shit on you but just be nice dammit! We learned that caring means sharing in Kindergarten for the love of Bob!!

Oh and I checked with the prof that needed the extra help and really it’ll take me like 20 minutes to complete their task. So was it that bad to just be nice and find out exactly what they needed? Of course not and the professor thanked me over and over again for the assistance. Plus she’s one of my favorites, so I don’t mind giving her some extra help. So next time when you feel like being snarky, just take my advice, shut the F up and be nice!

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