Beautiful post. Just had to share.

Keeping Pace

If I’ve learned anything at all

it’s the fog and darkness that

threaten to overtake the world

only seems to last forever.

I’ve learned that even when you can’t see

anything farther than right in front of your face

there is something beyond that darkness

that only compromises your vision.

I know the sky will brighten,

the storm will once again calm

and peace will return to the day

leaving us no worse than before.

Because  I know that even at its worst

and we wish it could all stop,

we recognize quitting is not an option.

We need to just hold tight until it clears.

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  1. I use some kinda glasses to see through the fog and darkness, funglases, but it’s also true from time to time I get glassered getting a hilarious and strange face as in a reaction, similar to squishing my face against a pane of glass, to this fuckin’ world!
    Great post!

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