44 and fabulous!!!!

ImageToday was just an incredibly, wonderful, fabulous day. I turned 44 today. I never knew I could feel this good, really. I never knew that at this age I would change my life as drastically as I have in the last year. I never knew there was so much more for me to do. To feel. To be. I have been so blessed by all the well wishes, by the love, by the kind words, and by the sweetness that has been shown to me. I feel like a child in so many ways. I feel like every day when I wake up I see the world as if it is brand new. Everything I do I do with exuberance. I smile so much my face hurts sometimes. Hell even a trip to the dentist was kinda cool today. My dentist saw the tat on my leg and got this look on his face and then a devilish grin as he was talking to me about it. I do believe he was thinking dirty thoughts about me. Which I’m totally fine with. Ha!

It was fun wearing a short dress to work even though it was kinda chilly out. I was just willing Spring to present herself to me today. And eventually she did. I also got a thunderstorm, which are my favorite. I didn’t go out in the middle of it because I didn’t want to mess up my hair. But I did stand by the window in my office, touch my hand to the glass and watch the light show… It was beautiful, chaotic and peaceful. Just like me. Well I think that’s like me. I have heard from a dear friend that I’m a force to be reckoned with.

I ran today. Did my entire 5k. I don’t know why but there’s something so exhilarating about it, even though I hate it. There’s something about getting to the end of 3.1 miles, with the sweat pouring off me. I feel so damn kick ass, like Wonder Woman. And because I ran, I ate me a cupcake. A wonderful Snickers and caramel cupcake. It was ecstasy. I love this new life that I’ve made. I love this new world that I see. I never, ever, ever want to lose this exuberance, this zest, this force. I hope that I never do.

16 thoughts on “44 and fabulous!!!!

    • Thanks so much Stu. It isn’t easy and I really don’t like it a whole lot but it’s what I’ve got to do. I’m really just trading bad addictions for good ones. I quite like the feelings I get from the good ones so much more so than the bad ones….. 🙂

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