Get up off your ass and move!


My oldest and dearest friend Lo Lo posted this on her FB page last night. I of course liked it because I am a HUGE FB whore and I like everything! But this one really struck me. It’s so strange that a year ago I could barely walk a couple blocks without being winded. I didn’t want to do anything but sit on my ass and wallow in my supposed misery. Now if I go a couple of days without running and weight training I get surly. I’m telling you running is like therapy for me. I do it without wearing an iPod most of the time because it just helps me focus and figure shit out.

Put down the bag of chips and the tub of chip dip, get up off your ass and move! Even if it’s a few blocks to start out. When you feel like giving up, close your eyes and think about what the next year will bring. What progress and changes you will make if you keep moving. If that’s too overwhelming think about what the next week will bring…. Think about the fact that as you get in shape and lose weight that you will actually look forward to physical activity. You will want to get up and move. You will feel more vibrant and alive than you have ever felt. It’s an hour a day. ONE HOUR! You can do this!

8 thoughts on “Get up off your ass and move!

  1. AND – the very act of exercising makes your brain release the happy hormones that actually make you feel better (even if you are in pain!). Good for you Renee. šŸ™‚

    • I hurt after EVERY workout. But then I know it’s working. I would much rather hurt from working out than sitting on my butt and doing nothing. Which I did do for a lot of years.

    • Oh Vince if you only knew how many times I’ve been told that. Ha! Actually in my younger days I was quite the doormat. But my dear sweet husband taught me that I was a worthy, viable, good person and I needed to speak up. Needless to say I have taken his lessons to heart. I’m one of those women that NEVER uses her inside voice. šŸ™‚

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