Letting Go….(In Other Words, Nut Up or Shut Up)

If you follow me then you know of my love for Marilyn Monroe. She is my favorite bombshell. She was broken and thought to be just another dumb blonde but often said the most profound things. I’m kind of a quote aficionado. Harry and I have shared many quotes with each other throughout our friendship. One of them is mentioned in the graphic above.

Sometimes we have to let go of someone. Even if that someone somehow makes us better. Makes us who we are. Completes us. But if we don’t, we’ll never find and strive for the passion in the life we’ve already built.

As I write and get feedback from other bloggers, I find so many people leading lives of quiet desperation. Why? Don’t we, the passionate ones, write about leading fulfilling lives? That life is to be filled with happiness? Have we become complacent? Believe that this is what we deserve? It’s BULLSHIT! We deserve full lives, we deserve deep and abiding love, we deserve to be desired. We need to find our passion in those that makes us better. We need not live with complacency. Or be afraid to move on if necessary.

Do NOT become complacent. Don’t ever settle. If you do you’ll become a fat drunk like I used to be. And then when you find your passionate outlet it will burn out of control. Harness it, but feed it. Surround yourself with people that make you better, that don’t hinder you. Don’t let them make you question your beliefs, or maybe even your sanity.

Finding this blog world helped me to do just that. Getting healthy, losing weight, getting sober, finding my own strength helped me too. A dear friend told me that I found my way on my own. I believe that’s true to an extent. I also let go of a lot of anger, frustration, and sadness.

I can’t say that letting go is easy. It’s not. It’s like death. It is death. We must mourn it. But in our grief we must find our light. Our task is then to never let that light in our souls be extinguished. By anyone or anything……

26 thoughts on “Letting Go….(In Other Words, Nut Up or Shut Up)

  1. my theory is that if we were fulfilled as we should deserve, then we probably wouldn’t be here writing about it. pretty sure that’s my reason.

    • I agree. I am looking to feed my passion though. I have a lot to say and I’m funny. For some reason people come to me with their problems. They tell me of their needs and desires too. Must be I just have the kind of face that people trust…

    • Thanks honey. I think that’s why I wrote it. As I was writing it I was kind of scared to share it. Then I decided, what the hell, it can’t hurt to share. I found out that there are so many others that are just as pissed off as me. 🙂

  2. I can’t imagine you fat but I’m a big 12 Step advocate. Not that you went that route but letting go is program 101. Detaching, focusing on ourselves…all that stuff they laud has really helped me. I think you’re brave also. Candor ain’t for sissies.

    • Oh honey I’m no sissy. 🙂 I’ve worked hard over the years to overcome many, many fears. And darlin’ look back at my posts called what a difference a year makes. I made sure to pour my heart out about the struggles, pain and the triumph. It ain’t pretty. But anything worth fighting for usually isn’t. Thanks for reading…

      • I didn’t mean you were a sissy, meant in general. I like the way you write. Being open 24/7 is a huge goal of mine. I’ve gotten better at it but there’s still a ways to go.

      • I know what you meant. 🙂 And girl you can do it. I tell everyone that shares their struggles with me, if I can make positive changes, then so can you. Thanks for the comments and for reading.

  3. So true! I’ve just started blogging and am loving it, and one of the things I love is “meeting” people who feel the same as I do about things, kindred spirits, and listening ttem, sharing their journeys, being inpired by their art and passion, even as I share my own. BTW-thanks for stopping by and liking my post on “Walking Among Flowers.” All the best

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