Don’t be a Gomer, Aus

“Marine Corps integrity is doing that thing which is right, when no one is looking”-Col. Colin Lampard, USMC

Sometimes a young man needs to leave home to find his way. To leave the comfort of a hometown, a loving family and friends. Sometimes he needs to embrace a completely different way of life to learn to love and honor the life that he leaves behind.

You want to be a soldier. You want to change the world. Hell, you’ve even said you want to be president. This chance you’re taking is a step in the right direction. To grow, to expand your mind. To mature. To see things that you wouldn’t see looking out your back door. To rebuild parts of the world that are broken. Aus, THAT is your destiny. It is ours too. For when you leave, you will take parts of us with you. To every part of the world you go, we will be there. We will push you. Because there are going to be days you are going to want to give up. However, if you keep the memory of our love and faith alive within your heart you will succeed.

So go Aus, and make every single one of us proud.



7 thoughts on “Don’t be a Gomer, Aus

  1. Hoorah! Welcome to the world of the true one percenters, Aus. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome – the world is yours if you have the courage, integrity, honor and commitment to succeed. Welcome aboard, shipmate! All you need to win big is to remember that I can’t means I won’t and I can means getting the job done is within my reach.

    • Thanks for the comment Rick. I’ll be sure to pass it onto Austin. I read the entry to him last night at his going away party. It was a bit emotional but all in all, it was good. We’re proud of him. He may not be my son but he is one of the children I’ve watch grow up. One of my “other” children. I can’t wait to see what is next for him. I’m sure becoming a Marine is a major step in the right direction for his future. Hoorah is right!

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