I would like to be 12 years old again, please

That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.-WALT DISNEY, attributed,Β The Quotable Walt Disney

I would like to be 12 years old again, please.

I would like to play outside in the sun all day and not come home till the street lights come on.

I’d like to have “summer legs” again. All bruised, tan and dirty from riding my bike and running around.

I’d like to fly a kite or roller skate.

I’d like to sleep in till the sun shines on my face and wakes me up from delicious dreams of happiness.

I’d like to run around with the boys and not have to worry about what I look like. Because the boys don’t care what I look like. They just want to play fort.

I’d like to sit under the cherry tree on a big blanket with my Daddy. Sit in the hot sun and feed him cherries. Watch him spit out the pits. Which for some reason just makes me laugh and laugh.

I’d like to swim all day and not have a care in the world. And realize I was supposed to be born a fish.

I want to kiss a boy for the first time, and feel that thrill of the innocent unknown.

I want to watch the sunset and be in awe of it.

I want to eat watermelon off the back step of Grandma Georgie’s house and spit the seeds on the ground.

I want to play Tiddly Winks and Tarot cards with my Grandma Eva.

I want to run around with my BFF Dougie. I don’t know why but I’ve always been friends with boys.

I want to stand in Grandma Bobbie’s flower garden and listen to the buzz of the bees as they fly around me.

I want to hang out in our tree house.

Or climb a tree.

I want to play in a thunder storm. Where I feel most at home. I want to splash in the puddles. I want to open my mouth and feel the rain on my tongue.

Yep, I would like to be 12 years old again, please.

33 thoughts on “I would like to be 12 years old again, please

    • Exactly Stu. I’m just having a hard time in life right now. So it made me kind of sappy for the time in my life when I didn’t have much responsibility. Sometimes being a grown up stinks. πŸ™‚

      • My 90 Day Program might help you – don’t worry about buying a book, if you want to do it I’ll send you the Registration link direct. Just let me know (it won’t cost anything!).

    • It’s simple, yes. But in a complicated way. Nothing is ever simple, really. Just less responsibility. Less heartache sometimes. Less sadness maybe. I don’t know. Just wishing for dreams, I guess…

      • I think I know what you mean. Responsibility is scary, when it is something big and important. I also have the problem of having my mind default toward the negative. It first sees what is wrong, not what is right. The positive of a situation is elusive. Where other people see a chance to do something positive, I see a lot of work, a great burden, failure waiting to happen, etc..I should have forced myself to change that a LOOOOOONG time ago. We we were kids we didn’t see things as…”What is the point of even BOTHERING with this, that, whatever. Now, that is how I feel about almost everything.

      • Agreed. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like being a grown up. Doing grown up things. But I miss when things seemed simpler. When I didn’t have to think about work the next day. Or who I would hurt if I did or didn’t do something. Life is good. It just gets complicated.

  1. I really liked this post. As I read it over , it reminded me of some of the things I use to do as a kid. In fact it makes me think of son Anthony (3yrs old ). Sometimes I get frustrated with him when he jumps in mud , yells at the top of his lungs (for no reason at all) or runs as fast as he can (just because he can!). This post makes me understand that I have forgotten how much fun it was just being a kid. Dirty, wild , adventurous and having absolutely nothing to worry about!

    You can learn more about him (if you want to follow) at my blog.

    Thanks again for the stroll down memory lane! Be sure to know that I will think about your post next time he is yelling or running top speed in the yard or at the park. In fact who knows maybe I might just join him.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment. I’m so glad it made you think about your son. How much fun he’s having discovering this wonderful world we live in. Making his own memories. Make some with my sweet. Get out there and make a mess with him. Make noise. Love him at every moment. Even the ones that drive you crazy…. Keep reading. And I’ll read you. Thank you.

  2. Oh, i can agree with everything BUT to play in a thunderstorm – gosh, im freaking scare of thunder/lightning. I do miss my childhood now and then too… To just live the life without any obligations is a quite tempting thought… πŸ™‚

  3. What carefree childhood moments you describe. They are delicious memories. If we can put ourselves back in those moments for a short break from adulthood responsibilities they are worth every cut, scrape, spill or scolding we ever took.

  4. I love the “I want to be 12 again”…..it reminds me of my childhood too. So many good times. You captured it so wonderful here. Very nice lady!!! Keep on writing Renee.

    • Hey there sweetheart. I’m glad you liked it. It takes you right back to that age doesn’t it? Don’t worry honey. I’m not giving this up. I think I finally found my calling.

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