My Frustration with Harry

Harry: There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.
Sally: Which one am I?
Harry: You’re the worst kind. You’re high maintenance but you think you’re low maintenance.”Β 

Okay, so the quote really has nothing to do with my post but I just had to add it. And the deli scene is kinda my favorite. I keep telling Harry that I’m going to do this to him when we’re out to lunch sometime. He’s scared to death that I will. But I promised him a long time ago that I’d never embarrass him. Ever. And I always keep my promises to him.

If you’ve followed me for a time you know that I have a BFF named Harry. I know, I know women and men can’t be friends. Whatevs man. We are. Have been for a long damn time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy. He holds a special place in my heart. He always will. I expect the man to do my eulogy if I die before him. Not because he’s my BFF. But because the man can write. Oh my God, can he write! He’s fucking brilliant! He was the first person in my life to give me words. To make me crave them. I was obsessed with his words for a time. He probably doesn’t know that. But I really was. I used to read and re-read the messages that we shared. The quotes, the music, everything.

I tell him all the time that he needs to blog. His mind works at such high speed. He has ADHD, and an anxiety disorder. I think that’s the reason he and I are like peas and carrots. However, when I make the suggestion to him, he’s always going off about trying to improve himself. To gain focus on other things. He’s always trying to get “better”. The thing he doesn’t realize, is “this”, this will make him better. This will help him focus. Help him become what he wants. What he thinks he needs to be. He doesn’t understand that he already is better. He’s good, and kind. To me he is, remarkable.

This is where his future lies. Harry stop trying so damn hard! Isn’t that what you always tell me? Of course it is! You told me I saved myself. That you had nothing to do with it. I think that’s bullshit, really. You helped save me. Writing helped save me. You need to do the same thing. With writing. Harry you’re already golden in my eyes. In the eyes of so many others. You’re perfect in your imperfection. I love you. Now write, damn you, WRITE!

10 thoughts on “My Frustration with Harry

  1. I’m a bit ….peeved by this one Renee….who are you to bully anyone into “writing” or anything else….who are YOU to say this is what this man NEEDS and SHOULD do? Perhaps he doesn’t want to….perhaps he doesn’t want his private life shown to all….not everyone is like you….perhaps it’s special to him…what he writes to you….not 585 people he doesn’t know…’s never ceased to amaze me when someone has a knack for something, or …..something has helped them….how they feel it works for EVERYONE….love ya…but……who are you?????

    • I’m no one really. I just love the guy. He’s amazing to me. What he writes just permeates my soul. He’s a good one. He just doesn’t realize it sometimes. I’m no bully. I’m not trying to call him out. He may never blog. But I wish he would. I would read him every day. And Tracy I love you too. I thank you for your criticism. It grounds me. Know that.

      • no criticism….just questioning ……..
        I love reading your blog….but, I could NEVER, EVER do anything like it, it’s just not me….but, wouldn’t want anyone TELLING me it’s what i SHOULD do!

  2. Yeah Harry, what she said! I started writing for a wholly other reason, but it has given me confidence, helped me to focus and (finally!) gave me something that I can take total pride in. I hope it can do the same for you!

    Of course, I also went bald since I started, but I’m pretty sure the writing had nothing to do with that. Pretty sure…

    • Funny thing is he’s kinda bald too t. He’s a good guy. I wish he’d write. I love what he writes to me. I’m sure you’re just as cute with no hair as Harry is. Giggle.

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