What are good girls made of….

From one of my most favorite bloggers. There’s just something about the description of her that gets to me. I think it may be the word glitter…

A Nine Pound Hammer....or a woman like you, either one of these will do

I haven’t figured that out-but I think bad girls have something to do with whipped cream, ice and glitter.

I met her at a school dance and we dated for a while. She had Hennessy hips and Grey Goose on her lips.

I was no different from any other guy. Seems when good girls go bad, men go right after them.

Her family had enrolled her in the local Wayside School for Wayward Women. The school’s mission was to make bad girls better…and she certainly qualified for admission. Think she may have even been there on a full ride on her good bad scholarship.

She generally made a mess, had scary hairdos, heavy eye makeup and spiked heels….I was smitten.

She also shared her family motto with the Adams Family: Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.

I heard she became a missionary in South America..

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5 thoughts on “What are good girls made of….

  1. What a great post; even if you re-blogged, I am now following another great blog 🙂 Thank you for opening my eyes 🙂
    I have found in my that generally when girls go bad when they are young, they become saintly later in life. Its the sleepers in HS you have to worry about!!

    • Yes exactly. Maybe that’s why I’m so saintly these days. I was a hellion when I was young. That’s okay though. It makes for some great story telling. Giggle. Oh who am I kidding? I will never be saintly. I’ll ALWAYS be a rebel girl. 😉

  2. HAHA, well you’re talking to a girl who went to an all girls private Catholic school with nuns – I know a little something about being a rebel girl myself 😉

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