I’ve Become the Lionhearted Girl

In some way, I’m there with you. Up against the wall, on a Wednesday afternoon-Heartlines

Her hair is like fire. Her lips red and look like they’ve been bruised by too many kisses from a lover. She’s barefoot. Her words wash over me like the feel of Heaven. She is a goddess, an ingenue and I want to be her. Fiery and passionate. The words that form in her mind and emanate from her mouth and body, resonate through my entire being. I wish to be like her. To write like her. To have people feel my words like I feel hers.

I stood in the gallery of the Fox Theater last night, with Bette. We paid handsomely for our tickets to hear Florence , this chanteuse. She is a siren and I am beckoned by her call. I feel no fear as I hear her. I feel only love, warmth, beauty. It is like she is singing for me, and me alone. I am more than happy to allow my vessel to crash into her shores. Over and over again.

I hear the words I must become the Lionhearted girl, Ready for a fight, Before I make the final sacrifice. And I think about all the shit I’ve been through in the last few years. The changes, love returning, the children moving away, the lives I’ve touched, the new friends, the old friends, the passion being rekindled. About finding my passion in writing. About, everything. I’ve become the Lionhearted girl. I have. I fear nothing, except, for myself. And my mind. The chaos. The never ending thoughts. The fiery, passionate redhead’s music calms me though. Makes me feel safe in my own mind. She dances, whirls and twirls. I know she is feeling every word too.

Her encore was Never Let Me Go. A song of the ocean and of deep, abiding love. Tranquility and peace. Her lyrics wash over me and make me wish to be thousands of feet below the surface. To feel the calm. To feel arms envelop me and make me feel loved. I raise my hands up, and sing her words. Wishing they were mine. And to feel closer to them. To her. I swear as I peer down from the balcony, she looks right at me. And sees me. I am entranced by that red-haired beauty. The music fades, the lights dim and she says good night. The crowd is roaring, and the spring loaded balcony that we are standing on is swaying. She walks away, but I wish for her to stay. She is no longer in front of me, but her words still resound in my ears, heart and body.

Bette and I take our leave. We walk with the masses of others entranced by the music. We make our way back to our car laughing as usual. We both have sadness though, and Florence’s music usually brings it out. It did a few times tonight, but then we remember the good parts of our lives. We make our way to US 75, and at a stoplight I look up and see that the moon is full. I think of the concert, the music still ringing in my ears and I snap a picture of that moon. That beautiful moon that I know is being seen by the ones I love. And then we head home.

43 thoughts on “I’ve Become the Lionhearted Girl

    • It certainly was. M O O N, that spells moon. A line from one of my favorite book characters, Tom Cullen. The Stand by Stephen King. I say that line every time I see a full moon. 😉

  1. Another tour de force. I want to be her too with those bruised lips. Do you print out these little vignettes you pen? If I were you I’d gather them in a file because they’d make a wonderful little book. I mean it…you may want to think about that. Even if you did it yourself and gave them to those that you loved say as a Xmas gift. I can see it…a slim volume, the kinda book that sits snug on your lap…you can slip it in a purse or a man’s inside pocket. Hmm…

    • Sounds marvelous my dear. You live in the Big Apple. Know of any book agents I could talk to? Wink, wink. I’m thinking about a novel Susannah. I’ve got it outlined. Just have to find time to write it. A creative writing class is planned for the Fall term. I’ve never written until last January. I just posted funny Facebook statuses. My friend Lisa told me to start a blog, so I did. And here I am. 🙂

      BTW there is a contest going on until August for F+TM for fan art, poetry and other written works. Of course I submitted it. Now just cross your fingers for me. I could win, or at least be recognized. We’ll see.

      Have a great day honey. Enjoy that lovely city of yours. I want to visit you someday.

      • Love the new picture. I don’t know any agents. Not an easy thing to acquire but I will say everything that you’re doing will help you in that direction. Good luck with the contest,

      • I’d help if I could but that’s one of the reasons I began a blog – you need what they call a platform – a regular radio show, a famous dad, some kind of cache already in progress before anyone is interested. It’s a real shame because it wasn’t always that way.
        I try to just do the work and let all that stuff alone. I learned that. Sometimes thing just happen because you’re doing what you love.

      • I’m with you on that Susannah. Just let it grow naturally. If it’s meant to be it’ll happen. This IS our platform. This is our start. We will make it. Even if it’s only with our followers and readers. We will make it.

  2. I’ve never really been that keen on Florence ( or her machine 🙂 ) Renee, but reading your post is going a long way to changing my mind.
    This is a great description of her concert, and the way it made you feel. I can almost hear her singing from your post!
    First chance I get I’m going to check out Never let me go 🙂 I hope I enjoy it as much as you did.
    Keep safe, take care,
    love n hugs

    • Thanks Seadog. She is really something. Her music frees my soul. Please listen to Never Let Me Go, and Shake it Out. The latter is kind of my theme song of the moment. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) and No Light No Light are fantastic. Oh honey listen to all of her music. You won’t be sorry! Giggle.

      • I’ll give her go Renee, your recommendation is good enough for me!
        I’m listening to a lot of Depeche Mode, the Cure and Placebo right now, sort of says where I am in the world right now.
        I’ll let you know what I think when I do listen to her ( soon hopefully 🙂 )
        Thanks for your advice 🙂 xxx

      • I burnt a cd of Depeche Mode singles for my other half for her in her car, and I had forgotten just how good they were. The cd has stayed in her player for about 3 months now ( and I have Enjoy the Silence as my ring tone ).
        The Cure and Placebo are in my car, very relaxing if slightly melancholy, for those times when I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself 🙂
        My top tune from Placebo has got to be either Centrefolds, or Burger Queen.
        As for the Cure.. well pretty much anything though I tend to favour their earlier stuff like Faith, Pornography or Disintergration.
        Robert Smith must have been going through some heavy shit around then 😦

      • OMG how could i have forgotten that one!
        I’m listening to it all the time!
        I think the words are so sad and so fitting,especially for me when I think about my mum, as it’s so true, pictures ARE all I have left.
        What a good track, good shout as we say over here 🙂 xxx

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  4. I love this piece! What a magical night, I’m so jealous you got to see Florence in concert! She’s a wonder, I love their music so much. You captured the experience in words beautifully.

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