The Kiss

Kissing will always be my favorite.

My Pretzel Logic

You will kiss her. And that will be the kiss by which all the others in your life will be judged. — Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis

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16 thoughts on “The Kiss

      • Maybe I’m crazy (well, no maybe to it) but I enjoy connection. I don’t mean just in the carnal sense, but connections are what validate us, in my goofy opinion. If I am surrounded by people that I connect with, I am insanely happy (or, perhaps, happily insane) [8>])

      • Your comment makes me want to reblog my entry called Heart Connection. I’ll do it tomorrow for sure. I think you’ll like it a lot. I know I do. For me when my heart breaks, it gets repaired with the next heart I connect with.

      • Oh Kip thank you for the kind words. It meant so much to me when I wrote it. I read it every now and then to remember why I feel so strongly for others. I know my heart breaks easily, but I know it is what I was made for. To love. To connect. To help.

      • I always tell people that “thanks” and “sorry” aren’t necessary and most of the time they don’t understand that I just mean that I speak what I feel and I don’t take offense very easily or that the problem isn’t of their making. Having said that, you’re more than welcome. 🙂

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