A 27 Year Old Love Story

Why, why can’t we stop talking, loving, dreaming after 27 years like it was yesterday and I was 17?

Those are her words. Not mine. My sweet friend sent me an email a few days ago asking me so many questions. But this one stuck out the most. Why? Why do we fight the love we’ve been dreaming of? Sometimes for 27 years. Why?

She met him in a parking structure when she was 17 years old. A baby, but she knew what love was. She felt a connection with him immediately. She saw her future in him. He was a beautiful young man. She, a beautiful young woman. Their lives full of promise. They were young. He was a rebel, and so was she. He was in a band and she, well she gave the ultimate fuck off to the high school she graduated from. She smoked in the girl’s bathroom after she got her diploma. Ha! Okay so that wasn’t that rebellious, but she’s from Saline. We did what we could to rebel!

Her life turned away from her rebel boy. She moved away. He followed. She pushed him away. She married a man that she though she should be with. Who should have been the father of her children. This “Christian” man turned out to be the devil. He pretended to be a fine upstanding person, but was evil. He was a bully and he hurt her and their two children. She got away. Took care of her babies, and herself. Her rebel boy supported her through all of this. And yet, they still weren’t together. She needed stability and she was afraid he couldn’t give it to her. We women, we are always looking to be taken care of.

She met another man, and he was good to her. Her children. But he wasn’t her rebel boy, who was by now a full grown man. When she thought of him though, she still thought of 17 and the promise of that age. 17. I don’t think there’s an age we women remember more. 17.

She broke off her engagement to the good man. She finally decided to think with her heart instead of her head. After seven years she will reunite with her rebel boy. Who is now a man. Who should be the father of her children. Who should be her partner. Who should be her whole world. And now he will be. They will be together. Come hell or high water they will be, together.

When she wrote me, she asked my advice. I told her, Baby, RUN! Get on a plane, drive, take a bus or a train and get to him. NOW! Don’t wait anymore. 27 years is a long time to love someone from afar. Think with your heart. Go to him. Love him. With everything that you have. Don’t EVER live with regret. Know for sure that he is the one. I get the joy of seeing them reunite. Of her finally finding her way down an endless, broken road that will lead her back to him.


27 thoughts on “A 27 Year Old Love Story

  1. As a novel, Renee, you’d have tons of material to explore here.
    The fact they’ve continued communications over all these years says something.
    And nothing beats a happy ending.

  2. I met mine when I was 15. I’ve been waiting 10 years. I hope someone gives him the same advice!

    It’s crazy how complicated life can be if we let it. I hope their story has a happy ending, even if it had to take 27 years. In my own experience, everything happens for a reason, and their relationship will be all the better for the time they’ve had to grow.

    • I hope your love gets the same advice too. I hope you and he find the love you’re looking for. I’m of the mind that everything does happen for a reason. Even the bad things. It makes us who we are. Defines us. I hope you find your love. I do.

      • I totally agree with you! Life is but a series of lessons.
        And thank you…even if things never work out between us, it’s a friendship that has truly buoyed me through some tough times, and I will be forever grateful to him for that! (But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed) 🙂

  3. Great story, great advice but since I’m a bit older and in my second marriage I see the story from a little different view. Your friend had to go through what she did to be able to love and be loved by mr. 27 years. The knowledge of pleasure only comes from the knowledge of pain…

  4. What a brillaint story Renee, you’re right to tell her to grab him with both hands.
    27 years is a long long time.
    I knew straight away when I met my wife… she was THE one, and there was no wasy I was going to wait 27 years or let this one go, so I plucked all my courage up and asked her out.( Actually it might make an interesting blog, so I wont spoil the story)
    Eventually (!) she succumbed to my persistence, and her we are now.
    I met her in 1986 and married her in 1989 we did have a 6 month break in 1987( it wasn’t that easy 😦 ), but that just confirmed how I felt.
    She is my lover, my best friend, my wife, and I would die for her.
    Sadly we never got round to having children ( and are both probably too old now- well I am ).
    Great story, with hopefully a happy ending, thanks Renee 🙂
    love n hugs

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