I’ve heard from other bloggers that it’s arrogant to reblog your old posts. But today I thought it would be okay. Just. This. Once.

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I remember the day the world stop turning. I remember where I was, and how I felt. The helplessness. I remember watching it unfold on television. I realized right then that our lives would never be the same. The security I felt, was gone. The arrogance of knowing what a great country I lived in, was gone. The innocence of my children, was gone. What it was replaced with was fear. What would happen next? When? Where? Why? How?

We had news feeds going on all of the televisions in the SSW. Classes were eventually canceled for the rest of the day. Staff were told to go home. We werenโ€™t getting anything done anyway. We were too devastated. So many of my colleagues and friends were trying to get through to loved ones that were in NYC, and DC. Everything was jammed up. No calls in or out. When Iโ€ฆ

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  1. That’s Because Some Other Bloggers Don’t Have Much To Offer By Way Of Reblogs hahaha I’m A Shameless Self-Promoter, My Dear. I Get Just As Much Of A Kick Out Of My Old Posts And Some Other Peeps Do. So Let Your Arrogance-Flag FLY!
    Much Love To You, Dearest.
    Take Care And TRY TO BE GOOD ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Oh honey I’ll never be good. You know that. Giggle. You ARE a shameless self-promoter but you’re a good writer. You have a lot to offer my dear man. Thanks for your sweet comment, and thanks for the love. Love you back my love. Love you back….

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