Feeling a tad nostalgic today. I know this isn’t a very old post, but it is my best. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to write like this again. Only love can make a writer, write like this. Only love……

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  1. hmm only love can make you write like it but the memory of those feelings will always be with you, in time they will be less painful and you will be able to immerse yourself in the emotions once more as you write. I think we all have feelings we avoid writing about fearful of what will happen once we open the flood gates but once you do it it can be releasing when I wrote my flash pice broken I had no idea how much I would actually allow out and once I hit publish I literally collapsed, I do still have one writing demon to face whis is tapping into the emotions I felt when we nearly lost our little boy but I did intend to try. It can be scary to put yourself back in a place where you feel vulnerable to the emotions but each time we do it I believe we get stronger

    • Paula darlin’ I can’t wait to write that piece when you finally can. I’m glad you didn’t lose him. I’m glad he’s still with you. I know that I’ll write like this again. I know I will. I’m working on my book and finding that I’m bleeding with each word that I write on paper. Yes, I am writing it out first. I started with the ending. I read it to Roger Darling, and he just looked at me and said woman where did that come from? I said, it came from my heart honey. Just my heart. I love this writing thing Paula, but sometimes it’s gut wrenching.

      I agree with your assessment of it making us stronger. I do. I know that I do things now that I never would have done, had I never fed this passion. I pray the words never stop, but that the highs and lows I feel some days, slow the fuck down.

      Much love to you Paula!

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