No writing, but a reblog of a story from May 5, 2012. It was one of my first love stories. And yes it’s true. Every word. 🙂

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Kiss me with rain on your eyelashes,come on, let us sway together, under the trees, and to hell with thunder.” ― Edwin MorganA Book of Lives

I remember you so vividly. Like it was yesterday. We were young and beautiful. And I loved you. You with your gorgeous eyes that I could fall into. And the fact that you seemed to know exactly what was in my heart. You said so many good, sweet and kind things. You loved music and you shared so many wonderful songs with me. Songs that touched my soul. Just your smile would make my heart soar.

I picked you up on a wonderfully stormy evening. We hadn’t decided where to go yet so we just sort of drove around for a bit. We smoked, and drank some cheap wine. We listened to music and waxed philosophically about what the singers meant by their lyrics…

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  1. I Look Forward To Your Return With Anxious Anticipation, Ms. Renee.
    Please Continue Getting Better Health-Wise.
    I Know That’s Easier Said Than Done, But You’re A Scrapper, So I Know You’ll Be Back In The Proverbial Saddle VERY SOON! 🙂
    Love Ya Much, Dearest.

    • Aw baby I love you too. I’m getting better every day. Just need to give my brain a rest. I’m getting back to the gym next week which will help tremendously. This girl needs to run off some adrenaline and hang with Roger Darling. Hope all is well with you babe and you are on the mend too. Much love my dear Bradley. Much love. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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