11 thoughts on “You Can’t Force Love

  1. Yep. Pretty much. I find it grows and blossoms out of friendship. I say, work on the friendship and see what happens. If the worst you come out of it is with a friend, then you have done very well.

    • You are my dear are correct. You must be friends first. See where it goes from there. That’s the problem with most relationships. If they start out hot and heavy then there is no time to know one another, and then trust each other. There has got to be trust and friendship. There has to be.

      • I can’t be intimate with someone if we don’t start with friendship. Physically, emotionally, D/s-wise. I never just meet someone and throw myself into a hot and heavy fling with them that fizzles as fast as it started. I mean yeah, I had one night stands when I was younger blah, blah, blah. I was going through the motions of intimacy. It wasn’t real intimacy. It pretty much does not matter who you are or what you look like…if we can become true friends and that spark is there, then I will become attracted to almost everything about you. Things I would have overlooked or not cared about will suddenly grab me. The way to my heart is through my heart. Once the friendship is there, everything else will fall into place (if it is meant to be). A tad bit of mystery and a naturally calm, but dominant personality helps. Immensely.

  2. Admitting it’s not there, and never will be is the most difficult for me. I suppose it’s something I miss and want so badly that I hang on to any thread of hope. But I totally agree, forcing it would be less than worthless.

    • Absolutely right Kip. It can be exhausting for both parties. The one that no longer loves and the one longing for it. It is far better to love yourself and be alone then it is to try and force it. Love will come. If it is meant to be. It will come. But it sure is hell waiting for it!

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