He told me I was shy

It was 16 years ago that a blonde haired, blue eyed man stood behind me in my office cubicle. He put his hand on my shoulder, leaned down and kissed my cheek. He then whispered, I know the real you. You’re very shy. You pretend.

Tears leaked from the corners of my eyes and streamed down my chin. For no one had ever gotten me like that before. I knew in that instant I had fallen in love with him.

He stood up and walked away. Our friendship was never the same after that. We never spoke again. How he ever figured me out I will never know.

34 thoughts on “He told me I was shy

    • No, we didn’t. We worked together for another year. No more words passed between us until the day he left. I told him he changed my life I kissed him goodbye and that was that.

    • The thing is Matt. He was right. I pretend to be an extrovert, but he knew it was just for show. How he figured that out, I will never know. He’s gone from my life and I know I’ll never see him again. But I have the knowledge that one man actually figured me out.

  1. I’ve been thinking about your new erotica theme. Have you read snarkysnatch.wordpress.com? She’s really funny and writes well but she’s really out there. You might appreciate her site. Hold on to your hat though, it’s pretty outrageous. You’ll laugh, I’m sure about that.

  2. Wow, what a story Renee!
    Roger has got a good woman, there are some that might have been tempted 🙂
    Its strange what life brings sometimes, circumstances, choices, directions to take, doors to open.
    In another life, another time who knows.
    Lovely story sparkly, have you ever thought about trying to find him again or is it a subject best left where it is?
    I think there are a lot of people like you describe Renee, introverted extroverts is a good description 🙂
    Have a good election day,
    Love n hugs xxx

    • Oh Seadog, I can’t say that I wasn’t tempted. I just knew where my heart belonged. I’ve tried to contact him, but he has never replied. So it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. And know that I’m where I’m supposed to be. 😉

      Love and hugs back at ya!

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