Blue Sapphires and Salt of the Sea

I want to fill my mouth with your name-Pablo Neruda

He looks into her eyes. They are the color of blue Sapphires. No words are exchanged, for they know each other. From a long forgotten life. They loved each other once. It ended, but neither one of them remembers why.What is it about this chance meeting? Why now?

In an elegantly lit room, she kneels before him and unzips his jeans. She feels him harden as her hand grazes the material of his underwear. She smiles to herself, because she remembers him. The texture, the taste, and the scent. She knows he’s looking down at her. She gazes up at him with her sapphire eyes. They twinkle in the candlelight as she releases him from the prison of his under garments. She takes him into her mouth. Feels his rigidity with her tongue and then wraps her right hand around his shaft. He inhales sharply, his muscles tighten and he mutters dirty words under his breath. She smiles again, for she knows that she has pleased him. And herself. For her this is not about power, but pleasure. His and her’s.

She lets her tongue dance around the tip. Her hand moving in rhythm with her mouth. He puts his right hand on her shoulder, his other under her chin. He lifts her face so he can stare into her eyes while she is giving him head. She releases her hand and takes him into her mouth as far as she can. He puts both of his hands in her hair and pulls it. He becomes harder yet and tries to fuck her mouth. She lets him. She caresses his balls and then squeezes them gently. He keeps uttering dirty words. Telling her what to do. Like she’s forgotten. She knows. Everything.

He pulls out of her mouth and she licks the head. Tastes his cum and sighs. She runs her tongue down the underside all the way to his balls. As she does it, she strokes the head. More cum leaks from it. Making it nice and slippery. She wants to cum but knows that for now she only wants to please him. She wants him to remember, her. What she can do for him.

He tells her to suck his cock. No, he demands it. She complies and works the magic that only she can. Her hand is again moving in time with her Β crimson lips. He says, “Look at me.” She does. His face is at peace and war all at once. His eyes are stormy and she knows he is close. He says, “Make me cum.” And she does.

He explodes in her mouth, on her lips and chin. She swallows his essence. He dips two fingers in the cum on her chin and tells her to open her mouth. She greedily sucks them. She looks up at him and says, “You smell and taste of the sea and I want more.” He replies, “Later Love, for now it’s your turn.”

30 thoughts on “Blue Sapphires and Salt of the Sea

      • I LOVED it! It was so steamy! I never write stuff like that, and to read it on a blog was quite a refreshing change! I can’t wait to buy a book of yours. I just know it’s going to be good. I’m planning on setting up a site on which to sell books, so I’ll be looking to you to put some stuff out. Maybe some smaller, shorter novellas to start with, to get out there. We should get going on something…

  1. “For her this is not about power, but pleasure. His and her’s” and definitely ours. This was wonderful. But there can never be enough praise for the woman who knows. Everything. πŸ˜€

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  3. Wow!
    Thats steamy with a capital ST Renee, very descriptive and very well written I could almost be there, in fact I almost feel like a voyeur, surreptitiously watching from behind a curtain….
    Best comment on here is ” Are you at full mast? ” I nearly spat my coffee all over the desk laughing πŸ˜€
    I can’t wait for your book!
    Hope today is good for you, it’s been a bit up and down for me, I’ve had a lot of time to think about stuff ( which isn’t good ;-( )
    Bring on the next installment!
    Nice one Sparkly πŸ™‚
    love n hugs

    • I’m glad you liked it. I loved writing it. My editor said I need to slow down. Add more to it. Not sure if I’ll continue the story or not. We’ll see what happens with He and She.

      I’m glad you liked my silly comment. I am a silly girl after all.

      My day has kind of sucked. Woke up late, ADHD in high gear, impulsive, cranky, busy at work. Grrrrrrr. I hate thinking and would like to go take a nap.

      Hope your day gets better love. Take care.


  4. There is definitely no power struggle. From a heterosexual male perspective the female always has the upper hand. She is the puppeteer and we are the puppets. At that moment right before ejaculation one feels like he’s on top of the world, king of the jungle; and then the moment comes where the pipe is drained and one becomes weak in the knees and can’t help but want more yet it becomes so sensitive we want for her to let go but not really. For about ten seconds we become as weak as a newborn and then the tingle is gone and although the toes are still clenched we want more as well and can’t wait our turn to reciprocate in more ways than one.
    Can’t wait to read the rest.

  5. his face is at peace and war all at once. this is a great example of writers not writing the same thing over and over. someone recently wrote something about something falling to the floor and breaking “into a million pieces.” part of our job is to write it a new way instead of using familiar phrases and clichΓ©s. that was well done.

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