Friday Fictioneers-Silly Pickle Jar

Thanks to Rochelle for this prompt. An unusual but usual photo by Sean Fallon. It’s my second try at Friday Fictioneers. Let’s see what I can come up with.

Silly pickle jar. Filled with batteries. She soaked the label off when she washed it. Why? All it holds is used cylinders of power. He said he’d take care of it when full. Of course it’s still sitting there. He’s got a terrible habit of hoarding. Damn, she loves him, but he drives her nuts. It could be worse. He could be an asshole. She laughs out loud, and figures this little quirk is nothing. She sticks a post-it note to the jar.

Take the batteries to recycling Darling, or they go in the trash.

Signed, your loving wife

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