Tunesday-Sweet, Sweet Florence


No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight…-F&TM

In a darkened room you lie. Headphones on. No earbuds can bring her voice to your heart. You must hear all of her to feel the words. As the remix begins, your senses heighten. Skin prickles and the hair on your neck stands erect. You are aware of everything. You hear in color. Red, purple, green, white, yellow. There are sparks of light. You see her heart, illuminated. It warms your cold one. You begin to glow. To burn.

Let her voice wash over you. Hear the jagged subtlety of the dub step rhythm. Place your arms on either side of your head. Let them rest. Move your body slowly to the sounds you hear, see, taste, touch. Feel her, whispering sweetly in your ear. Crimson hair grazes your cheek. There’s such peace. A tear trickles down the side of your face. You reach out and find nothing, but vapor. You long to be her. With the song over, hit repeat. Let you journey begin, again.

Maybe you’ll leave the Cosmic Love behind, and Β Howl!

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