t is a genius. I will never be this good. t is good without even trying.

as long as i'm singing

Daddy, why did you leave the gate open? Why did you allow me to simply slide through and out?

Darling, I had to. There was no other way for you to test your weight, to find your way.

But daddy, I might have gotten lost.

Darling, I had no doubt that you would, and I wasn’t surprised when you eventually did.

Daddy, how then did I return? How did I find my way back?

You didn’t darling. You didn’t.

But I am here now.

You are.


While I may have been lost to you, you were never lost to me. I watched you run, first with glee, then in confusion, and finally with pain. When your running ran out, and you collapsed at the curb of disillusionment, I brought you home darling. Just as I always promised I would, for I will not allow you to fade away.


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    • He is really something. My dear t brings me to the edge of my seat when I read him. He is one writer to watch for. I think he will be famous someday. Dammit, I hope he is.

      Love, Renee

  1. Was rereading your disclaimer. Like that you say with great aplomb I might add, that you’re no English major. Me either. Didn’t go to Vassar so yes, I will make a grammatical mistake. But you know, lots of great writers make them too. My 2 cents at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning in New Yawk.

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