Friday Fictioneers-You’re Not Their Mother

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the prompt for Friday Fictioneers. She’s addicted to purple, just like me. I hope you like my story. Not sure what the genre is. There are real people in it, but it’s no memory. Maybe wishful thinking on my part…

copyright-Jennifer PendergrastCopyright-Jennifer Pendergast

Lin and I sit in the stairwell, waiting for Ally and Claire.

“You love my daughters don’t you?”

“Of course I do. They’re all I have left of you.”

“You’re not their mother, I am.”

“I know that,  I have never tried to replace you. Ever.”

She looks at me with azure eyes; same color as mine. We could be sisters, she and I. We were, once.

Ally, dressed in her wedding gown ascends the stairs. Claire in tow. I stand up and give both of the girls a radiant smile. Lin touches my hand, and then her apparition fades.

49 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-You’re Not Their Mother

      • My own brain is not one for memorizing. Once I write something down…that’s where it is. If someone comes back to comment – I often have to go look up the piece so I actually know what they are talking about.

        Moving on is good and fun. Since Alastair’s piece inspired mine I’m trying to get him to write a 100 word sequel….we’ll see.

  1. I was a little confused as to who was the actual mother of the girls until I read the comments. I loved the story though, beautifully told with excellent dialogue.

  2. Beautiful sad story. I struggled to work out who was talking on the first read, but when I read it again I got it. It’s that 100 word limit issue again – if you had a couple more words you could add a tag or two to make it easier.

    • Yeah I know it was confusing. Not to me, because I know the characters. They’re real. It is so important to me to stick to the 100 word limit. So very important. I’m glad you liked the story. Though it is short, it comes from my heart.


  3. There is something about the picture that seems to inspire ghost stories. I really like this, the relationship between the sisters, and that reflected in part in the younger set of sisters too.

    • Actually the characters are all real. I am I of course. Lin was a best friend of mine. Her children are my children. In spirit if not by blood. I miss Linda. She died almost two years ago.

      She comes to me from time to time. In stories. In wishful thinking.


  4. Renee I loved this story. Sad and beautiful.
    You say your’s just “fell into your head” this week, mine did too.
    Funny what a photo can inspire us to write about.

    • It is so strange isn’t it? Usually my best stories come to me quickly. It might only be one line. And then the rest of the words fall into place.

      My characters are real. The story is not. I kind of wish for it though. I miss Linda. Every day.


  5. Dear Renee,

    Your story touched a nerve with me and, I’m certain, other readers. It was well written, sad, uplifting, somber and much more. There are apparitions and you, briefly, captured one and showed her to us. Lovely.



    • Doug,

      Your words mean everything to me. I’m glad you felt the story as well. My dear Lin meant a lot to me. She may be gone from my life, but I still have her daughters. They mean everything to me. I hope one day, to see her apparition. Or to at least feel her presence. For her to tell me that she’s okay with loving her daughters like my own.

      Love, Renee

  6. Dear Renee,
    This was not what i expected when I started reading it. In fact I read it twice. Lovely. Touching. You took my heart for a ride. Thank you for that. More depth than initially meets the eye.

    • My dear Rochelle,

      I take every single one of your words to heart. They mean so very much to me. I miss Linda more with each passing day. The only thing that gets me through is knowing that I have her daughters in my life. I’m glad you liked the story. I wish so very much to have Linda give me a sign that I’m doing okay with her daughters. I’m not sure if it will ever happen though.


  7. Yes, more depth than met the eye…definitely, and like all really good writers you write close to the bone. You got more into those few words than many. Thank you. Just saw your email by the way..yes..I know, very late – yes, will say when I see a word slipped out of place here or there…and thanks, smashing email, as we say!

    • Thank you my dear for all of the kind words. I can’t believe how fast these stories come to me sometimes. I’m not inspired to write anything for the week yet. I hope something comes to me soon. Love your words and stories too.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. There’s a tinge of regret from both mothers; “sisters”. We were extremely close at one time. My husband said that this was one of my best stories, because the characters are real. Even though the story isn’t. Who knows. When Ally does get married in May, maybe my “sister” will be there. Maybe I will feel her touch. Just maybe.

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