Friday Fictioneers-We’re Not Broken, Just Bent


Just give me a reason, Just a little bit’s enough

“Alice? Will you be able to love me even though I’m broken”

“Who says you’re the only one that is, Evan?”

“Answer me.”

“Yes, I will love you.” “When together, we’re not broken, just bent.”

Thunder rolls and the lights flicker out as they stand in the kitchen. He lights the lamps and adjusts the wicks. She grabs a vitamin from the cart and takes water from the sink to wash it down. Evan stands behind her, removes the glass from her hand, and kisses her neck. Alice leans into his warm body and lets his arms engulf her.

100 words (Genre: Romance)

P!nk and Nate from Fun! have been running through my sparkly brain all week. Then I saw Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s photo prompt and the story fell out of my head. Hope you like it. If not, tell me. I might take your advice, but I’m stubborn so I might not.

Have a great weekend my friends. It’s Easter and the kids are coming home. I’m going to take off my blogging hat and put on my momma one. I don’t get to wear it very often anymore, so when I get the chance, I do. It’s time to make Easter Baskets, clean house and get food items together for a sumptuous dinner. Happy Passover, or Easter. Whatever you celebrate, enjoy it.


48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-We’re Not Broken, Just Bent

    • Oops sorry.. Slippery fingers!
      Here’s my complete comment:
      Beautiful love story.. And a fitting song selection to go with it. I too love this song! 🙂

      • Thank you so much for the kind comments. Even the one where your fingers slipped.

        I had written another story entirely last night. Then I heard the song on the radio on my drive into work. I knew I needed to change it. Rewrite the whole darn thing. Luckily it was 100 words, so it wasn’t too daunting of a task. I’m glad you liked it, and the song too. P!nk is one of my idols. Want to meet her someday.

  1. Hi Renee
    Beautiful story and the song too, a lovely combination.
    I beat you, I have my momma hat on and just finished putting the shopping (groceries I guess you’d say) away. Family arrive tomorrow and I am so looking forward to hiding the Easter eggs for the little ones to find.
    Have a lovely Easter with your family

    • Glad you liked the story. Thanks for sharing your comment and the story about the shopping. We don’t have grandkids yet, but it sure will be nice to have everyone home. I think I’m going to even color some Easter Eggs. Have a great time with your family also.


    • Well, aren’t we all Bjorn? I think we are all broken, and when we find the right one to love, they fix us. So we’re only partly broken instead of mostly.

  2. Dear Renee,
    A tender, hot breathed romance. I like it…although I have a couple of suggestions.

    “Will you be able to love me, even though I’m broken?”, Evan inquires.
    “Who says you’re the only one that is?”, Alice retorts.

    I find the dialogue directions distracting. What if you wrote:
    “Alice? Will you be able to love me even though I’m broken”
    “Who says you’re the only one that is, Evan?”
    There you’ve established who’s saying what to whom. You could also lose “she responds” The reader tends to edit these things out anyway. The last paragraph then tells the rest of the story.

    Again these are only suggestions, my dear.

    • Chiming in in agreement with Rochelle’s suggestions. Their love would be just as lovely that way. Can’t listen to the music now because we’re in a motel and Bill’s still sound asleep.

      Happy Easter,


      • My dear, a writer is only as good as her editor. I will always, ALWAYS take your advice. It makes my heart sing when you help me. Makes me realize that what I’m doing is worth it. Even when I feel like giving up. Which is at least once a day.

        Love, Renee

    • It was certainly wonderful. Hope yours was too honey.

      I love me some P!nk. She is one of my idols. She’s a bad ass that used to have a dog named Fucker. I have one named Freddy the Fucker. She is a girl after my own heart.

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