Most Influential Blogger Award

most-influential-blogger-e1364230844577Thank you Shaun at Praying for One Day for nominating me for the Most Influential Blogger Award. You’re such a sweetheart. I don’t know if I’m much of an influence since I started writing fiction, but thank you again. You’re a doll.


1-Display the award logo on your blog.

2-Link back to the person who nominated you.

3-Answer 7 questions.

4-Nominate ( no limit of nominations ) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.

5-Notify those bloggers of the award requirements.

The 7 Questions (Can you all please answer the same questions) Thanks 


1-If you could create your planet what would it look like? – It’d be a beach, honey. With no war. Peaceful. Lots of books. Endless supplies of paper, pencils, pens, and story ideas.

2-If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be?- The UK. I feel a strong pull to London. I don’t know if it’s because I’m totally in love with Robert Pattinson or not. Maybe it’s because I love a good British accent, and a strong cup of tea.

3-Have you ever taken a long distance train trip? – I think so. I traveled from Windsor to Toronto to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theater. One of my most memorable trips ever.

4-What is something you would collectively change about humanity? – Thieves and liars. Basically the entire Republican Party. Politics suck!

5-What is your favorite song? Of all time, Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. Right now, I Will Wait for You by Mumford and Sons. Anything by Florence + The Machine.

6-If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet? – Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine. She has been my muse on more than one occasion.

7-If you could choose one symbol to represent you, what would that symbol be and why? –  Marilyn, of course, because her heart beats in my chest. She and I would have been quite a force to be reckoned with. (She was more than a sex symbol. More than an icon. She was so human. So real, she couldn’t live with herself. All she wanted was love and adoration.)


I now nominate some bloggers, the limit can be 1 or 100, your choice.

1. As Long As I’m Singing (He is the best brother a girl like me could ever wish for)

2. Expressions of My Life-An Evolution in Art (My dear B is such a good man, and marvelous artist)

3. Gorgeous Company (What can I say about Geoffrey, but WOW!)

4. The Change Your Life Blog (Stu is the man. And he’s British too.)

5. Cat Forsley (Pretty Kitty Cat. My punkin)

6. Morbid Insanity (One word. Stupendous!)

7. The Other Side of Ugly (Sweet Sherri, sigh….)

8. Alice Thierry/Je vis ma vie (We must have SOME erotica. AT is one of the best)

9. The Reclining Gentleman (What can I say, I love this guy. AND he let me write with him. Once.)

Love you my friends. So very much….

27 thoughts on “Most Influential Blogger Award

  1. Influence can come in many shapes and forms. Even though you write fiction, you still Blog. And what you say away from what you blog inspired me..

      • Can’t. too sore.. lol
        nearly 2am..I will sleep at 5/6am, then up for 12 mid-day latest…
        Constant battle, body Vs mind Vs Pain… lol
        Top of my Blog page explains it “Chronic Pain” Also a Video in there, I hope it helps someone..


      • I’m going to watch your video now. I’m sorry about the chronic pain. I pray that it eases up for you soon, and you can sleep.

        Love, Renee

      • Renee, it is for life, it will be my friend for life. lol
        I will go and do the radio show, carry on singing lessons and learning the guitar and live.
        The alternative is, well….Nah! 🙂

        Thanks xx

      • The alternative is no life at all Shauny. And that my friend, would be our loss. I will still pray you find relief. Can I listen to your radio show?

      • of course you can, I hope you call in and speak to me.. lol..Just save the link and keep an eye on the thread blog about it..if you have Skype add the shaunsradio name xx

        So like it is … x 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure an angel in disguise as I sit here waiting for my first couples therapy to start, feeling a lost alone and blue as can be to see me on that list warms my heart and give me hope that I might actually be Doug at least one thing right in my life.
    Much love

    • Benjamin,

      You influence me in so many ways. You are a good man and I love you. You’ve held my hand and helped me lick my wounds more than once. I pray that you and your wife get through therapy, a better and stronger couple. If you don’t, I hope you both find a good life away from each other. This life is to be lived my dear B. Live it as well as you can.


      Love, Renee

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      • Oh, thanks! *_*
        I think I should write it in front of a mirror or tell it to myself everyday, twice a day! Maybe one day I can believe I’m good enough to try to be a scriptwriter again. Thank you so much sweetie!

      • Honey, you can do anything you set your mind to. I never would have guessed I’m a passionate writer. But I am. It’s what I was born to be. So get your words back and start with an idea, then a treatment. A short story and then a saga. You can do it!

      • You’re delighting me with your comments. Thanks! I will keep it in my mind. I have to confess that I have already 89 ideas (story lines), but I keep them hidden. Yes, go ahead and curse me, I deserve! u_u’

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