Angel Kisses and Bette Davis Eyes


I slather Oil of Olay on my slightly wrinkled face. I’m fair complected, and my eyes are striking. I want so badly to look like Marilyn Monroe, but I’m a Bette Davis. As my fingers make delicate circular motions, the tiny wrinkles are quenched with precious fluid. They seem to disappear. I ponder my image in the bathroom mirror and grin. Laugh lines crinkle around my eyes, but I don’t care. The luminescence in my baby blues won’t be extinguished. Even with the passing of time.

I apply a dollop of eye cream on the translucent skin under the eye and then under the eyebrow. I notice that my brows are lightening with age. Someday, they’ll disappear entirely. My eye cream is nothing magical. There’s no placenta, seaweed extract or anything exotic. I like simple. A pure cream that will fill in the little lines and hold the tiniest bit of concealer under my eyes. I need to hide those Gucci bags that sometimes appear, for God’s sake.

My grin doesn’t falter as I trace my fingers across my cheekbones. I take comfort in my skin, though marred by time and flecked with age spots. I touch the Marilyn Freckle between my right nostril and the apple of my cheek. I chuckle because, it is a natural beauty mark. Some women want it so badly, they have it permanently tattooed on their faces. Mine, just comes naturally.

I’m blessed with so many “Angel Kisses”. I told my children when they were young, that angels kissed their cheeks, arms, and legs while they slept. How else could one explain all those little flecks of melanin on the skin? They’d laugh and roll their eyes at me, of course.

I place the foam tip applicator on the skin under my eye. It provides a small amount of coverage for the dark circles that sometimes appear. Inserting the applicator back in the tube and grabbing a tad more on the tip, I add a few dots of it around my nostrils. Not to hide any flaws, but to shade the broken capillaries that have sprouted due to my bouts with alcohol abuse.

Next comes the wild hued eyeliner. What color will it be? Purple, green, blue, gold, hmmmmmm? I think purple will work. Liquid, dark, and sensuous. Jet black mascara is a must. Strange color I know, for a blonde haired and blue eyed bombshell. As my Adam Boy continually points out, I’m anything but conventional. So Jet black mascara it must be.

Wrinkles, age spots and a myraid of other flaws be damned! I’ve come to realize that life is so much better with a few miles under the hood, and lines on my face. It sure the hell beats being 20 years old any day. As long I don’t look like a truck ran over my face, I’m doing just fine.

28 thoughts on “Angel Kisses and Bette Davis Eyes

  1. Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn were my two favourite old time actors so flash those gorgeous eyes and be proud! Btw I wouldn’t be 20 again either. At 60 I’ve grown into my skin and can afford to ignore [most of] my wrinkles. 😉

  2. i love the comfort in ones self that comes with age. I loved the day i turned 30. 40 was even better. My birthday is 22 days away and it will be the best yet. I embrace the adventures of a new life. And i love it when people look at me with stunned faces when i tell them i am the mother of a 22 yr old. There are some moments in life where i am so glad that grandma had good dna and was smart enough to ask God to keep our GOOD SKIN from the boobs up!!!

  3. Bette Davis is one of my favorite actresses of all time. 🙂 I’d say you’re doing really well, if you’re a Bette. Also, I admire how comfortable you are with everything about yourself. I wish I can find that strength too. Love this post!

    • As you age, you will find comfort in your skin and body. You’ll learn that weight is just a number and that being healthy is more important. There will be days when you are angry for eating a piece of cheesecake, but don’t be. Be thankful you can taste the richness of it. Thank you for your comment and for loving my post. I gotta say, I kinda liked it too. 🙂

  4. You still look like a movie star 😉 I’m a year older than you. People say they can’t believe that’s my age but occasionally I don’t get my roots dyed and then they believe me. My last two boyfriends happened to be 12 years younger but my ex I’m still close to is 10 years older than me – so he and our son keep me feeling a little younger.

    • But it really is just a number. I say just do whatever brings joy and fulfillment into your life and it really will be the best year ever.

      • I bet you’re a beauty. Isn’t it nice to feel comfort in your skin? I mean sure we age, but what the hell. I think the miles make us better looking. We have to be healthy of course, but not all the time.

        I was called a MILF by a young guy at the end of a girl’s night out last Friday. I gotta say, that made me feel pretty damn good.

        Thanks for commenting honey. I sure do appreciate it.

  5. This photo (Bette Davis) somehow reminds me of old Indian actress, Nalini Jaywant. Yes, you are right. It is how young we are at heart that really matters:)

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