A Year of New Traditions by Renee

Thank you ASpoonfulofSuga for the opportunity to write for your page. I’m honored.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I knew this year the holidays would be different. I’d be creating my own traditions. You see, I recently separated from my husband after 24 years. At the age of 45, I was going to learn to live on my own for the first time. My daughter now 23, is married to a wonderful young man, and has a life of her own. My son is 22, and determined to be a lawyer. He and his girlfriend have a place and lives of their own also. My ex-husband and I have raised them well, but we didn’t prepare them for the possible loss of our family unit. That familiar sense of home that they’ve been used to all of their lives is now gone. I didn’t realize that leaving would change all of us so damn much.

I ventured out on my own September 26, 2013. Just me and a…

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5 thoughts on “A Year of New Traditions by Renee

  1. A very touching rendition of a story I’m sure many of us can relate to. I’m pleased you came out of it smiling and that your kids and ex are talking to you. It will get easier. I read that on the Internet, so it must be true.

    • Life is better when everyone is talking to each other. It’s not easy, but we’re making it. I had dinner with my son tonight. We laughed like we used to. I’m thankful for his love and understanding. I think he’s finally getting it. At least I pray he is.

      You know if you read it on the internet, it must be true.

      Kisses, my friend. And a ton of warm hugs too.

      Love, Renee

    • Hi there my dear. It was my decision to separate from Roger. He and I get along better as friends. We will always have a connection because of our children. He’s a good man. I just don’t love him anymore. Wish I could have loved him more. I tried.

      How are you my darling? I’ve missed you.

      Love, Renee

      • I’ve missed you so much as well!
        I feel sad about you and Roger darling, but I’m glad you’re okay with it.

        Hope he took it good as well?

        I’ve been through hell the past few months… as my latest bloggings say.
        Relationship’s not going so well…

        love you ! ❤ x

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