Friday Fictioneers-Chasing Dragons


I can’t save you, Maggie lamented. Every time you stick that poison in your arm, I die a little.

‘Please stay’, Ian begged.

‘Get help, and rediscover your spark. If you do, maybe I’ll come back.’

‘Don’t go!’ he wailed above the din of the airport concourse.

She unwrapped her fingers from his, and ran to the plane that would take her home. Speechless and broken, Ian watched her go.

Strapped into her first-class seat, the flight attendant placed a glass of wine in Maggie’s shaking hand. As the plane taxied and became airborne, she let her tears flow.

100 Words/Genre: Lost Love and Romance

Thank you  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers. It is an honor and a privilege to have Ms. Rochelle critique my work. Please be sure to go to her page and read their stories too. We are a rather eclectic group and the genres run the gamut.

I welcome kudos and criticism. Seriously, rip it up if you want.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-Chasing Dragons

  1. A tough decision, but it looks like Maggie’s finally realised that it’s time to look out for herself. Maybe this will be the kick Ian needs to get some help.

  2. This hit kind of close to home….our daughter is involved with an addict who..THANK GOD! is in rehab now, but the last 5 years have been hell! 😦
    Liked your story…good luck with your book!

  3. Dear Renee,

    Who is strapped into the first class seat, the flight attendant or Maggie?

    The rest of your story is good. A sad, oft repeated tale in which the addict never quite figures out why the heroine is leaving. Well done.



  4. Dear Renee,

    Kudos to Maggie for fleeing this impossible relationship. The fact that he’s shooting up in the airport is mind boggling.

    Question: Who’s strapped in. The way the sentence is written it feels like the attendant is the one in the seat.


    Delightful to see you back on the list, my dear.



  5. My first thought is – he’s putting needles in his arm – she’s drinking. Who’s the addict? Or are they both fighting demons. (This comes from knowing people with both drug and alcohol problems.) Great story.

  6. Dear Renee – great story and now I need to read the rest of their tale..
    I’m glad that she was strong enough to leave him; some people never find that strength and think that love really will conquer all – in my experience it never quite does.
    Great to hear from you again, hope you;re keeping well x

  7. Renee, Welcome back. Good and well-written story. Sometimes you have to save yourself if the other person doesn’t have the will to help themselves. I agree that this might be what he needs to take action. If she stayed she would have been enabling him to continue the behavior. Well done. 🙂 —Susan

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