I’m a blonde bombshell getting used to this new healthy life of mine. I have a wonderful husband, two grown kids I’m super proud of and three crazy Schnauzers. I have the love and support of wonderful family and friends. I have a whip smart sense of humor, I’m sarcastic as fuck, and I flirt like no other. My heart is good and I love with all of it. Oh and I’m really a 12 year old boy trapped in a middle aged woman’s body. I’ve just found my voice in writing. Slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of it. I’m surprised that people actually want to read what I have to say.

I’ve branched out into fiction. My friends and other writers send me pictures and I weave a story from them. I don’t know where they come from, but I’m glad they materialize. Some of the stories are from memories, some are made up and some are from friend’s lives. Some are wishes and dreams. You can see from my journal entries that I’m pretty passionate. I say what I feel and I’m not usually too shy. My family gets a little shocked by my subject matter and my potty mouth. But I’m not afraid. I say what others think, and are afraid to say themselves. I’m their voice. I’m proud to be. I’m proud of the fact that people come to me and ask me to tell their stories. I also find that I share more with strangers about writing. I ask them about their lives and they happily share. Especially if I ask to write about them. So keep following me, I promise I’ll do my very best to keep you entertained.

If you want me to write a story for you, send me a picture. I’ll be happy to write for you!

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    • Oh honey I put it out there usually. Read my segment on what a difference a year makes. You’ll see who I am and where I’ve been. Read my thoughts anger. That will really tell you who I am. Sometimes I fear saying too much. I promise to give it my all though. Really. Thanks for following. I’ve read a bit of you and I can see we will be kindred spirits, you and I…..

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    • Thank you so much honey. I’m overwhelmed by the love. I am. I’ve won so many in the last few weeks. I will be happy to participate. I’ll be sure to do my nominations this evening. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

      • Wow!!! Tonight? That is impressive!! You should be overwhelmed by the love!! We all should be! What a great community, don’t you think? I am just speechless from all the support and encouragement and wisdom I have found in this little world. Thanks for helping make it all the more special.

      • It is a wonderful place. I feel so fulfilled and accepted. The encouragement I get is astounding. It makes me a better writer. Makes me a better person. Makes me more passionate. Makes me want to keep going. Keep reading. Keep breathing. Thank you for making it a special place. Thank you.

    • Hello my sweet. Thank you, thank you for the nomination. I will be sure prepare a nomination post very soon. You are so sweet. Honey, I’ll take every award graciously. I’m so humbled when I receive one. Thank you!!!!

  2. Thanks for your very potent comments Renee, about your own rape. It really brought back my own protective behaviours towards my sister. My dad kept threatening to abuse her if I got out of line. I felt I could take anything if she was okay. This went on for four years. In spite of all of that, I felt that I had to deal with what drew a man like that to me, and over many many years (i’m 52 now) I figured out I wasn’t so perfect myself…thought maybe not in THAT way. It’s not our job to forgive, only ours to heal the aspects of self that drew them to us. So let’s do the job using these forums as a tool. I’m on your side Renee! Lots of love, Yaz

    • I’m on your side to Yaz. I believe in being better, being good, and nurturing those around me. That’s what I do to heal. I see you do the same thing. I’m glad you could have a decent relationship with your father. I can’t fathom how you could. But I commend you for it. I hope it brought you some kind of peace. Within you at least. Take care my sweet, and if you ever need a safe place to talk, come to me. I understand you completely. Lots of love back at ya, Renee

    • It certainly is a gift. One I’m very glad to have been given. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be sure to read you. Please feel free to read me. And know that if you ever comment, I will reply. It’s the least I can do. Thank you.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for following our naughty journey. I’ve peaked a little in your blog now and I must say I like what I’ve read so far. Writing about sex is a new thing for me, and to co-author a blog with my lover is something I never thought I’d do. Yet, here I am. πŸ™‚

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  5. Hi! I’m a fan of you writing and I wanna know your take on this challenge. ^^ Whether you accept the challenge or not, it’s fine. I just had fun with it and thought you might too ^^

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  8. I like your blog and your attitude. I think we have quite a bit in common… πŸ˜‰ Would be honoured if you had a look at my poem ‘A love so beautiful’ and told me what you thought about it. Thank you Renee πŸ™‚

  9. Not sure if I’ve invited you to my romance novel or not – am keeping it private for time being but would appreciate your feedback – can’t find your email address Renee because I am so stupid! Can you email me at juligoyder@gmail.com to suss? Love your blog and your bravado!

  10. Bravo, that’s quite a profile you have Renee. Voice of a 12 yr old = raw, unrepentant, in-your-face, non-pc shit. Combine that with your prodigious bombshell experiences and I’d say you have winning persona. Flatulence is also a potent, volatile explosive; but I’m sure your writing is quite directed, like a perfectly guided proverbial smart bomb. Blow my mind anytime! I’d love to provide an *interesting* picture for your story telling adventures. Happy New Year!! πŸ˜€

      • Is that you? You’re gorgeous!

        If you’re a misguided soul like me, we’re going to get along just fine. I can’t wait to weave a story for you. You’ve made me realize I have to get my ass back the gym. Hahahah!

        What’s the story? You can email it if you want.

      • LOL, I’m sure whoever stumbles upon this thread’s gonna ask, so what ‘s the funny story?? Well is actually cute, in a F**’d up sorta way. A few weeks ago, my sister drops by my place as we head out to party. I’m looking for my fav skirt and she’s hassling me to hurry up. So I tell her zip it, she get’s this sick idea of snapping my picture with her phone. Then she sends the picture out to EVERYONE in her address book. This includes all our mutual friends, relatives, stalkers and God knows who. Under the pic is a message: Maddy is in desperate need of long johns for the winter, she’s literally freezing her butt off! Don’t tell anyone but this is what she really wants for X-mas! Guess how many pairs I got under the tree? LOL!
        So I’m thinking that numbnut sister of mine WILL gather up all these long johns and accompany me to the local shelter. I actually did keep a pair… green with red polka dots and a buttoned tail flap. More pics to come… NOT!

      • Hahahahahaha your sister is hilarious. I’m glad your taking the bounty to your local shelter. The pair you kept sound so cute. Think I’ll weave a story for you soon. Be warned, my specialty is sad stories. I’ll try to do you justice.

      • Hey, the more twisted the better. Let your imagination run wild… those are the ones worth telling right? Have a blast. Have fun!

  11. I am afraid you are not afraid of anybody, but liked reading about you.

    Thanks Renee for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    • Oh honey I put up a good front. I’m not as confident as I pretend to be. Please read me. I will be sure to read you. I’m glad you stopped by. Happy New Year my sweet new friend. Take care.

      • I like girls who are brave and who make claims.

        You liked on of my pictures or some quote on my blog
        so that’s how I came to your blog & instantly liked your beautiful face & your even more beautiful claim,

        I am try to read some of your stuff give me sometime
        I checked out the categories * two in particular appealed to me ” Children & Erotica “,

        which to read first let me choose or if possible you tell me, Before reverting back to me please read about me

      • you are very honest in the first reply itself. that is according to me a sign of braveness in a person,

        I feel I will like you that is I will have good tuning with you.

      • Oh Renee you are a 100 times better than Sidney Sheldon and the likes of him. You are too naughty * playful, You wordings were very precise, just reading I got a hardon, I read only a little bit if more than I would have cum.

        Extremely beautiful expression.

      • I’m glad you like my work. I admire your honesty. Please know that I’m pretty new at all of this. It’s only been about a year that I’ve been writing. I know that I need to take classes and keep reading. Reading helps me so much when it comes to my own writing. Know that I handle constructive criticism very well. Read my sweet stuff about kids first. I love my children like no other. I’m quite the nurturer, even though I have a potty mouth. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. I’m glad you’re here hon. πŸ™‚

      • New and you, I will never believe, you seem to have an experience of a great grandma, in eroticism at least,
        plus you have a typical somewhat rough but refined
        flair which is erotic to the highest order as well as
        put forward very beautifully which I think only a woman can do (no male will have that sense of subtle beauty)
        it feels your reading some poetry, I term you as a erotic poetess, years ahead people will acknowledge this.

        I will definitely read about your children my beautiful, naughty, sexy mam.

        Thanks love you

      • Be still my dirty and silly heart. Giggle. Your words humble me. I have to say it’s not all my doing. I did learn from one of the best. I won’t give my secret away, but he is quite the poet himself. I’m learning more as I go. I will get better. I like naughty, not raunchy. Naughty is so much better. It can still make a man and woman rise to the occasion. πŸ™‚ If you have any words of advice to give me, pleas don’t hesitate to comment. Thank you my dear man. BTW calling me beautiful will get you everywhere. Giggle.

        Much love to you, Sparkly Girl

      • Advice & me and that to my teacher, not at all, I am learning so many things at a time from you.

        See I am 52 complete just a couple of days back, and I feel you are just something around 30+, too young for me to talk like this, but Renee in just 24 hrs I have started talking to you as if you were my old girl with me in bed, discussing all dirty things, why am I telling you this is because (just read about me).

        I like you because you r very friendly a human being plus, openhearted, direct to the point, + the most beautiful thing about you is you immediately punch back, hard hitting but soft within, a tender heart, cuddling & tickling my senses right from the first instance. thanks very much for being a friend u lovely
        sparkling, adorable girl, I love you.

        you are indeed very beautiful a lady, to be loved.
        As you feel & say you have a loud mouth, I disagree
        ifeel you are something else within & you potray something otherwise.
        you have aloud mouth,

      • I don’t even know how to respond. I will say I like that. I have an aloud mouth. I like that a lot. Honey, I’m 44. But I have the mind of a 12 year old boy. Thank you for saying I’m beautiful. I am friendly. I bruise easily though. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I bleed for the ones I love and even those that I don’t know. Keep reading me honey. I’ll keep reading you. I’m glad you’re here. So glad.


      • Oh 44 not at all,

        baby people like you hide their sorrow & keep smiling and make other smile too, light hearted loving people like you are blessed, if you feel some time,it will be very easy for you to attain realization rather than heavy hearted people who have great ego, you will surrender very easily, I know now you are a blessed soul, I don’t care what you say or portray.

        Read about me.

        If I would have been in the US I would have chased you & fallen for you. I have started to love you, genuinely, don’t panic these are just words no action will follow.


      • You speak as if you know me. I will read about you. I believe if you were here, I’d fall for you too. Thank you for every word Ajay. Every one of them. The drip with a genuineness I’ve never known. I have surrendered easily. Broken my heart more times than I count. But I always love. Seems that when my heart mends, it becomes stronger. More resilient. I do love, with everything I have. Everything. Keep reading me love. Keep reading. I do believe you have inspired me….


      • not at all instead you inspire me. I know you are a ardent lover innocent lover like a kid, who runs fast forgets consciousness enjoys that run, then suddenly tumbles falls down & cries,

        I would love if you upload or send some good pictures of you & your kids for me, so when in my solitary moments, I remember you, at least could kiss your photograph full on your lips, because I will most probably never meet you in my life.

        Read about me and revert

        I love you, I don’t know but instantly I love you.

        sorry for my outburst

      • No need for sorry. You’re so sweet. There are photos on my page. But I’ll find you one and send it to you. You make me blush. It’s funny how you seem to know me. Strange. What is love, but a rush of chemicals and brushes of hands on skin? Lips whispering sweet nothings….

      • I don’t need to meet you or I don’t need to know you personally, it is the spirit which is universally known, its like reading in between lines, I have known to understand the spirit in you, once you develop to understand that, you know certain things which are universal.

        I love you & want to just hold you in my arms and instant kiss you my love,

        By the way where do you belong in the US

      • I am from Mumbai, India, I was a cancer patient, fighting back since three and a half years. Not married living with my love my mom, she is 83, and my younger sibling & his wife

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  13. Birds are really graceful, …………………but do you know how graceful you yourself are, I know that, I know your inner kingdom,

    Love you my very innocent and dear soul

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