Picture It and Write It-Nectar

I’ve decided to participate in another weekly writing project titled, picture it & write it. It  is sponsored by authors Ermilia and Ermisenda. There aren’t a lot of restrictions, but it’s important for me to keep the story short and descriptive. Romantic, sexy and yes, a little dirty. Let’s give it a go.


He kisses the valley of her sex. She opens for him. Warm breath entices her to touch herself. He playfully bites the orifice of her utmost pleasure. With the middle finger of her left hand she teases the cleft of pink flesh as he engulfs her pussy with his mouth. She mashes his face into her body. She writhes. He wraps his arms around her legs and holds on tight. His warm tongue darts in and out of her. He lays it flat and laps at her. He releases her left leg and places a finger inside of her. She thrusts her hips forward to feel him. For it to sink in further. His lips flutter around her and he kisses her petals. Their fingers keep a constant rhythm. It brings her closer to the edge of ecstasy. The impending orgasm erupts and brings forth the flood only his mouth and touch can bring. As the tremors subside, he looks up at her. His dark brown eyes search her vibrant blue ones. There is serenity; contentment. With her image imprinted on his brain, he dives in and drowns in her delicious nectar.

He Said He Loved Me, So I Let Him

He said he loved me so I let him do things to me that I’d never done before. He said he loved me so I let him take me further into ecstasy than I had ever gone. He said he loved me so I let more people into our bedroom. It wasn’t something that I wanted. But to make him happy, and to keep him with me, it’s what I did. He said he loved me so I let him tie me up. He said he loved me so I let him blindfold me. He said he loved me so I let him touch me in ways that I would never, ever let anyone touch me before. He said he loved me so I let him hurt me. So that I could feel his love, I let him hurt me. And when he was done with me, he let me go. He let me go and I was never the same again. However, he made me stronger. He made me a fighter. He made me turn myself around and make sure that I was never hurt again. So in some small way he made me better. By breaking me, he made me, me.