Friday Fictioneers-Wherever She is, is Home

Friday Fictioneers is brought to us by none other, than Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The prompt this week is from Rich Voza. It’s a beaut.

The story will be romantic. I promise, no broken hearts this week. It’ll be a happy one. For a follower and dear friend. I won’t divulge who it is, but she knows. That’s all that matters.

Genre: Romance

Copyright-Rich Voza

Sunrise on a red eye flight. Thoughts of her kept him awake. Gone three days, felt like three months. No texts, phone calls. No email. He aches to hold her. Smell her hair. See her blue eyes sparkle. Feel lips whisper on his neck, maybe give a gentle bite.

Plane touches down. He exits the airport. He sees her, waiting. He’s missed her kisses. Her touch. Their lips meet. It’s like no time has passed.

“Hello love, I’ve missed you.”

“Hi there, Sunshine.”

“You ready to go home?”

“Wherever you are is my home, love.”

She smiles, her eyes dance.