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Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers

Isaac Asimov

Adam Boy asked me a couple of days ago, “Mom why do you want to be famous?”

I replied, “I don’t really want to be famous, I want to be remembered. To change a life.”

He said, “Mom in 100 years no one will remember you, and that’s okay because no one will remember me either.”

I told him, “Baby I was asleep for so long. I’m awake now, and I don’t ever want to go back to sleep.”

Adam replied, “Mom it’s okay that you’ve changed. That you’re awake. Most of us are only husks; shells.”

I looked at him in wide wonder. I wondered how he got to be so smart. And yet so jaded at such a young age. He’s only 21, but he speaks with the wisdom of an old man. Even though our children grow up, they still do things to amaze us. He’s so much smarter than I will ever be. Both Meggie and Adam Boy are. I’m proud of that fact. But I also told them that if they turn into arrogant fucks, I’m going to kick their asses. We’re a Blue Collar family. We are loud, opinionated, and down right rude, but we are good people. I did not raise my kids to be assholes.

Now to talk about writing. Writing has changed my life. I’m awake now. I’m thinking through my fingers. I’ve helped a young woman keep from committing suicide. I’ve connected with so many people all over the world. I’ve found my home. I’ve found my tribe. We are the tortured souls that have something to say. We do it with our words. We write what others are afraid to. Hell, the first time I posted erotica on my page I was petrified. Then I realized it was only part of me. I can write about anything. And I do. I’m so proud of that fact. So damn proud!

There are so many people that I want to say thank you to. I can’t name them all. I first want to say thank you to my best friend Lisa. She’s the one that told me to write. That I had a talent for it. She gave me the name for this fun bloggy of mine. I want to thank Kyle. He taught me so much about writing. And my sweet friend Rich too. Louise, ah my beautiful Louise. Then there’s Bradley. I love my dear Bradley. My brother in arms though, is t. I don’t have a brother, but if I did, I’d want it to be t. He’s the peas to my carrots.

Please keep reading. I promise more stories, more journal entries, more rants, and definitely more erotica. As always if you want me to write for you, send me a picture. I’ll make it come to life.
Love and hugs,

Sparkly Girl