Sometimes They Come Back

Claire and AdamAlthough Stephen King wrote a great short story by the same title, this is not a review of said story. Adam Boy moved home last Saturday. So did Claire, the dog, cat and bunny….

As we drove to Ypsilanti on Saturday morning to pick up the first load from Adam and Claire’s apartment, the song Home by Phil Phillips came on the radio. Of course it prompted me to pull my notebook and pen from my purse and start penning notes for a post. While the song played, I became anxious for them to move back in. I’ve missed them. I miss all four of my children, but there is a special kinship I have with my Adam Boy. I swear to you he is the only person that “gets” me. Er, my humor anyway.

His sarcastic wit is sharp, and he’s incredibly ambitious. My boy was the one I worried about most when he was young. ADHD ruled him most of his school career. Then a switch turned on his junior of high school and he began to flourish. Clairee, his girlfriend and I call him a snobby genius hipster, but he’s earned the title. When we share words he wows me. Not to worry though, if he gets too snotty I’m not afraid to tell him to stop being an arrogant fuck.

I’m glad Clairee came home to live with us too. No one has questioned us about her moving in. They better not. She is our other daughter and the love of our son’s life. Her mother was my soul sister and since she passed away, Roger Darling and I have loved her as our own. She’s part of the move in package and we are proud to have her. Clair loves our boy. She understands him, which I can assure you is no easy task some days.

Tonight the kids are still getting settled in. The Wonder Schnauzers and Baxter the Wiggle Butt Lab are exhausted from playing outside all evening. All in all it’s been good. I’m sure there will be issues that arise in the next year. There will probably be arguments and messes made. We’ll make it though. The kids will move out when Adam starts law school and the house will be quiet again.

I hope the next empty nest syndrome cycle is shorter, and I won’t be sad when they fly. It will be nice to be able to do the dirty dirty with Roger Darling whenever we want to again.