My Kath, My BFF, My Split Apart, My Partner in Crime

Nae, Kath, Beck (The only one missing is Sarah Jean, as usual. We can never pin that woman down.)

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.-Anonymous

She’s a tiny bit of dynamite. She’s got a gutter mouth and a dirty, dirty mind. She’s most definitely my kinda girl. Her dark hair, tiny frame and big laugh drew me to her. Her son and my son, they used to be BFFs. They were inseparable for a time. So naturally we were BFFs too.

She’s moving away. But in my heart, she is still here with me. We all are. We’re still swim mommas. We’re still trying to raise our babies the best way we can. We’re always going to be wild, crazy, bawdy broads. She’s leaving to be with that wonderful and handsome husband of hers. He IS a company man. A good provider. Cute as the day is long. A good man, and funny too. Her children, all of them almost grown, are beautiful creatures.

I call Kath June Cleaver. She is the most domestic of the four of us swim mommas. She works hard to keep her family together. I envy her in some ways. I’m a domestic goddess, but I don’t thrive on it like she does. For  She makes domesticity look fantastic. Har!

She has held my hand, my heart, my secrets, my tears, and my happiness. I have done the same for her. We will continue to do so till the end of our lives. She completes me. She may be in Tennessee with that wonderful husband and family, but part of her will always be here with me in the T. Wherever our travels lead us, part of our hearts will always be here together. Taking care of each other, and our families. We are the family we chose after all.

I love you Kath. You’re my sister. Never forget that. You are my sister. I love you forever and ever. No matter where you are…..