Someone To Watch Over Me


There’s a somebody I’m longin’ to see
I hope that he, turns out to be
Someone who’ll watch over me

~George Gershwin~

“Will you wait for me?”

“Of course Darling, we’ve got nothing but time.”

The view from the window is always the same, as she waits for the man she loves to come home. There’s the longing  to share a meal of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and sweet wine with him. To fall, without a care into bed, and make love till the first gray light of the next morning.

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Five Sentence Fiction

She Waits, For Him

She waits.

For him.

For his words.

Three words.

For more than just those three.

For them to come in torrents.

For them to be spoken softly in her ear.

For his lips to kiss the hollow of her neck.

To make her shiver.

To make her feel.

She knows that neither the words or kisses  will materialize.

Still she waits.


Prays to a god she doesn’t believe in.

For him.

For his words.